Our Core Services

We use a wide range of virtual prototyping simulation and design software such as StarCCM+, COMSOL, ANSYS Fluent, OpenFoam, AutoCad, Ansys ICEM, PointWise, SOLIDWORKS, ABAQUS and more. Simulation services are provided in different classes: Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD, Finite Element Analysis – FEA, Process Engineering, Artificial Intelligence – AI and deep learning. Study before designing and test while manufacturing with SimAltum.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a great replacement (pre-treatment) for fluid flow experimental testing. Cheap, more flexible, more precise, applicable to a wide range of situations and the ability to analyze the internal forces.


Finite Elements Analysis (FEA) is another numerical method (another tool for us) for solving partial differential equations, independent of what the equations are modelling. We use every resource to produce the best and most optimized outcomes for our clients.

Design of Experiment

We help with planning, conducting, analyzing, and interpreting controlled tests to evaluate the factors that control the value of the “parameter of interest” in your problems.Ask our experts to learn how to perform accurate tests with minimum trails.


Make your idea's model and explore every “what-if” scenarios without having to experiment them. Modelling provides valuable solutions for complex systems and also insights into which variable are most important to system performance.


Working with our experienced PhD experts with industrial background means solid and practical assessments and valuable insights. Look beyond the bare data and see how we make a difference by sharing our knowledge to make success.


Right technical training that makes you ahead of competitors. Our training services cover the design, modelling and simulation activities that are involved in virtual prototyping. Training investment will be compensated by performance.
Main Streams

Choose Your Service

There are many advantages with choosing SimAltum services. The list below is some of the factors showing the uniqueness of the services. Contact us and we will share how you can get benefited from collaborating with SimAltum.
  • High quality
  • Ultimate discretion
  • Short time to market
  • Custom Badge
  • Efficient features for your product
  • Parametric analysis
  • Quick prototyping
  • Solve complex problems
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Vast laboratory resources
  • Minimum test practices
  • Results analysis
  • Verify simulations
  • Meet standard requirements
  • Client needs oriented
  • Analysis and visualization
  • Customized outlined
  • No overhead costs
  • Highly educated instructors