We provide testing services through our unique collaboration with Applied Thermofluids Lab, Optical Diagnostics Group and Advanced Water Research Lab in Alberta. Below is the list of major test equipment or services we can provide. Details can be found through the specifications link under each service page.
Our Testing capability includes 3D printing with Form2, Form 3 and Ultimaker, Particle Size Analysing, Particle imaging services, Shadowgraphy imaging system, High speed imaging for flow phenomena, Stereo microscopic imaging, Flow testing in large scale flow loop, multiphase and multicomponent pressure measurement flow loop, Rotational Rheometer (viscosity measurement), Cross-flow filtration setups, Contact Angle measurement, Forward osmosis filtration setup, surface charge analyser, Atomic force measurement in small and large scale and more.
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Optical Flow measurements

Imaging techniques are applied to measure flow bahviour in different applications.

Water And Liquids Measurement

Advahnced techniques and facilities including filtration devices for water research and charactersitics.

3D Printing

Accurate 3D printing from small to large 3D printing sizes. The prototyping facility includes SLA and FDM printers.